Get HP ink cartridges cheap

How to find HP ink cartridges cheap

Where can I find HP ink cartridges cheap or at least for less than retail?
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There are many people (especially now) who are trying to save money on their HP printer supplies. Although some HP cartridge models may appear to be similar, actual value rendered can be drastically different depending on many factors.

This website will assist printer users with some historical perspective, technical analysis, and (most of all) some honest answers as to where you can find the best source for buying cheap HP ink cartridges.

So, “Where can I find hp ink cartridges cheap?” you ask… It will depend on your answers to a few questions.

  1. What is the primary use of the printer?
  2. How often do you print?
  3. How old is your printer?
  4. Are you a handy person?

What is the primary use of the printer?

This single answer should guide 70% of your decision because different printing needs require different printer cartridges, even though it may be the same model.

If you print a random assortment of media, articles (text), images and an occasional photo, you are like the majority of printer owners. This demographic of consumer will use primarily black due to a majority of text and text/image blended pages. A photo may be printed but it is a rare occasion so color is of less importance generally speaking… For this consumers group, HP remanufactured inkjet cartridges are the cheapest way to go.

If you are printing mostly text all of the time (black only), remanufactured cartridges will save you anywhere from 20 – 70% depending on the model over the cost of HP OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges. (AKA HP brand)

If you are a photo enthusiast or love to scrap book – we recommend you buy the HP brand ink cartridges and use only HP brand paper. The ink in the HP brand inkjet cartridge is specially formulated to work in conjunction with the HP brand paper. Both components (paper and ink) chemically interact with each other to produce archival quality print (photo that can last 75+ years or even more depending on ink type and paper, if properly stored). There have been several studies that have confirmed the archival claims submitted by HP and were verified by the Wilhelm institute.

If you print hundreds of 4×6 photos per week at home – STOP! In most cases, you are not saving any money by printing large quantities of photos at home. In most cases you are probably spending more. Use a service such as Snapfish, or Costco to get your pictures professionally printed. You can get prints for less than 10 cents each online at many professional photo-printing sites.

How often do you print?

The more you print, the more you will spend on supplies. It sounds obvious but there is a greater point to be made.

If you find that a single “standard” size ink cartridge lasts you over a year, don’t buy high capacity cartridges since normal maximum life span of an installed cartridge is 6 months to a year and the cartridge is more likely to dry out than be used up. So, if you don’t print very often, HP remanufactured cartridges are both good choices.

If you find that a standard size cartridge lasts only a few months or less in your printer, only buy high capacity cartridges. Most new models of HP cartridges come in a Standard size (example HP 60) and “High Capacity” volumes (example Hp 60xl). The high capacity cartridges (remanufactured or OEM) give you 3x the ink and are typically much less expensive on a cost per ml (milliliter) of ink basis.

If you burn through several cartridges per month, then remanufactured HP ink cartridges are the cheapest and the clear choice, as the savings per cartridge multiply over time.

Are you a handy person?

If you like to work on things and are not afraid of getting ink on your fingers…your table, and maybe your cat (bad kitty!), then refilling your own HP cartridges can be the least expensive alternative for you.

Buying refill kits can shave a little more money off the cost of cartridges when compared to remanufactured cartridges but does require some skill, knowledge, patience, and determination (at times).

How old is your printer?

If you have an old HP printer, you are almost certainly better off buying remanufactured cartridges and in some cases, you may not be able to find the HP brand cartridges. As demand diminishes for a particular model of cartridge, stores will stop stocking it.

Best supply options for specific printer usage:

General use, images and text mix or mostly text: HP remanufactured cartridges
Low volume printing: HP remanufactured ink cartridges or HP brand cartridges
Exclusive photo printing for long term archiving: HP brand cartridges with HP brand paper
Heavy volume photo printing: Online photo printing service like Snapfish
Older HP printers: Remanufactured cartridges
Are you a handy person? Ink Refill kits or bulk refill bottles for heavy users

Recommended place to buy HP ink cartridges cheap:

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